About Solublon

Solublon is a water-soluble plastic film brand that is made available worldwide by the AICELLO CORPORATION. Made primarily of polyvinyl alcohol resin, this film has many features, including being water soluble, oil resistant, static electricity resistant, and biodegradability For many years, it has been used widely as single dose packaging material for agricultural chemicals, embroidery base films, decorative interior parts of automobiles, and medical and construction materials. In recent years, it has become particularly popular as single dose packaging for detergents (detergent capsules) in homes throughout the world, especially those in Europe and the U.S. Single dose capsules provide consumers with convenience, no direct touch of cleaning chemicals and correct dosing while making for a more sustainable future.
Solublon has become truly useful in a variety of areas of people’s lives.

Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble resin that was invented in Germany and later successfully developed for industrial use in Japan. With its unique features, it is used in a variety of ways.


Corporate Environmental Consciousness

With all of our members working together, we at AICELLO take a sustainable environment as our highest priority, and guiding principle while striving to create a harmonious society based on mutual trust with our customers, business partners, and local communities. As part of that effort, we are committed to creating compatibility between sustainable plastic products and the global environment through innovation, compliance with latest environmental regulations, consistent resource conservation, reuse and recycling and active utilization of carbon-neutral resources.

Solublon Environmental Consciousness

A belief in environmentalism is at the core of our Solublon product development, production, and sales activities. Efforts continue to be made to maximize the use of every possible eco-friendly element, including thorough implementation of the 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle)+Renewable, as well as reduction in energy consumption in production activities, drastic reduction in water use and wastewater generation, and active adoption of carbon-neutral resources.

Usefullness of Solublon

Unit Dose Detergent Packaging Detergen

Laundry or dish detergent is packaged in single use units. This highly convenient product makes detergent measuring unnecessary and leaves hands free of detergent. Solublon is used to wrap either liquid or powder detergent. In recent years, Solublon has come into wide use not only in the U.S. and European markets but in Japan, China, and Asia as well.

Detergent Packaging (Tablets)

Solublon is used to package tablet-shaped detergent products mainly for dishwashing usage. There is no need to open or throw away detergent packaging. Simply toss a detergent tablet into dishwashing machine as is. In contrast to liquid or powder packaging, tablets feature in terms of the manufacturing way is high speed shrink wrapping.

Agricultural Chemical Packaging

Solublon can be used to package safer, easily-dosed agricultural chemicals in fixed-quantity bags, making adjustments of spray solutions safe and convenient eliminating contaminated secondary packaging. Agricultural chemical packaging is used worldwide, and is one of the oldest uses of Solublon.

Hospital Laundry Bags

Solublon bags are used in linen collection and washing systems employed at medical facilities. Since it is not necessary to open the bags even once during the process from collection to washing, the spread of viruses and germs can be prevented in hospitals and laundry facilities. These bags have also been a part of coronavirus control measures implemented at medical facilities.