PT Acbos Indonesia

Entered Indonesia as a subsidiary of AICELLO (Japan) in 2011,
and we sell anti-rust Film

About Us
We Care About Our Environment

PT ACBOS Indonesia cares and is aware of the surrounding environment, by making products that are environmentally friendly


We strive to provide services to our customers through anti-rust packaging.

We are proud to be employees of the AICELLO Group. We will fulfill the needs and expectations, and carry out activities that will satisfy our Customers.


BOSELON is a volatile anti-rust film or plastic. commercialized in 1969. Since then, it has been used globally around the world for 50 years and is continuously making progress

We will carry out future environmentally conscious activities. 

Hope that all humans are healthy.
Hope that all humans are diligent and diligent in working.
Hope that all humans work sincerely and will improve.

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